KBT Group

Our company philosophy is 'SERVICE ABOVE ALL'  and we shall remain committed to do so.

KBT Group is emerging as among the lowest priced building and construction material suppliers in Negeri Sembilan and Melaka. Its vertically integrated operations with control over quality, timeliness, cost of raw materials and final products create a winning edge These internal controls synergized the group’s ability to offer competitive process while its experience enables it to understand customer need and to responds promptly to market trend.

KBT has manufactured and supplied essential building and construction products for over two decades. These products are used by the public sector in the states of Negeri Sembilan and Melaka for housing and infrastructure development such as federal and state roads and by the private sector in residential, industrial and commercial development.

KBT subsequently diversified its stone industry to the production of asphaltic premix, ready mixed concrete, concrete bricks, pavers, decorative blocks and other concrete products. KBT is logistically well integrated and its activities complementary to each other. Being and investment holding company the group on if the most integrated organization having activities that are interrelated within the group.

The present staff strength stands close to 200 employees and many of them have accumulated invaluable skilled and expertise during their service with the group possess which is vital to the growth of the group.

Corporate Structure


Kilang Batu Tampin Sdn Bhd (KBT) was incorporated on the 16th July 1981 through its founders who are experienced in the stone industry.

The company initially commenced operation as a granite quarry involving primarily in the extraction and processing of granite into products for use in building and infrastructural projects.

KBT subsequently diversified its stone industries to include the production of asphaltic concrete premix, ready-mixed concrete, cement bricks, pavers, decorative blocks and other concrete products.

The company also extracts dimensional granite and marble and undertake building, landscape and infrastructural projects.

KBT is logistically well integrated and all its activities complementary to each other. With its diverse range of experience in stone industries, the company can continue to develop products and services to cater for your construction needs.

Tampin Premix & Construction Sdn Bhd was incorporated on the 2nd November 1983. The company is mainly engaged in the production and supply of asphaltic and concrete premix for road and highway pavement. TPC has two fully automated asphaltic premix batching plants with sufficient capacity provide good quality asphaltic premix for highway pavement. Wide Capacity range – 80, 150, 250 and 300 metric ton per hour. Operator Friendly – Fully Auto and yet supporter by Manual Override Mode as back-up. Efficient and economical.
KBT Services Sdn Bhd was incorporated on the 13th June 1989. The company was established to provided good logistics for efficient transportation and distribution of good from the group to its customers. The focus is on high volume goods whereby efficient delivery must be maintained to ensure that building and infrastructural projects are carried out smoothly. Besides that, the company also owns a fleet of a construction machineries for the group and its customers to carry out their development. The aim of the company is to efficiently deliver all the groups products and services to customers on time.
KBT Concrete Products Sdn Bhd was incorporated on the 6th December 1994. The company is operating a ready mixed concrete bathing plant located in Tampin, Negeri Sembilan. KBT Concrete also owns a fleet of mixer trucks that can efficiently deliver its products to ant projects in time. Beside manufacturing ready mixed concrete, the company also own two highly automated bricks and paver plants with a capacity of 5 milling pieces per month. The plants are capable of producing high quality concrete bricks, pavers, decorative blocks and other concrete products.
KBT Industrial Supplies Sdn Bhd was incorporated on the 25th October 1994. The company is primarily involved in procurement of industrial spare parts and other supplies to the group and its customers.

Ames Marketing Sdn Bhd was incorporated on the 18th February 1983. The principal business of the company is trading and marketing of the KBT Group products and other building materials. Over the years the marketing staffs have accumulated invaluable skills and experience during their services with the group. They have good products and market knowledge and are well trained and motivated. With the support of the marketing personnel, the company can efficiently and effectively serve the growing customer base which now exceeds 800. The company is also logistically supported by its associate company, KBT Services Sdn Bhd, which owns more than 30 trucks with a capacity ranging from 1- = 15 tons efficiently deliver the goods to customers on time. In addition, there are 15 independent contract transporters who supply about 50 delivery trucks to back up the distribution of the company’s products. With the establishment of this marketing arm, various objective are achieved:

  1. Centralized sales, collection and distribution of products.
  2. Faster order processing & delivery of products.
  3. More efficient billings and debt collection.
  4. Centralized credit control and monitoring of debtors group exposure.
  5. Packaging of sales of all types of building materials to customer and contractors.
  6. More efficient inventory control.
KBT Builders Sdn Bhd was incorporated on the 19th December 1981. The name of the company was Asian Marine Engineering Services Sdn Bhd and was involved in Marine engineering activities. It was purchased by KBT in 1995 and subsequently changed its name to KBT Builders Sdn Bhd to undertake building and infrastructural development for the group and its customers. The company has completes numerous projects over the years and is capable of undertaking all types of projects for its customers.
Pembangunan Masjid Tanah was incorporated on the 4th April 1981. The company was purchased by KBT in 1993 to undertake property development. The primary objective is to utilize our own building materials for property development